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The Droids Back Together

Casting a glance on jaunty times ahead and remembering carefree normality, "Back Together" and "Time Of Mind" form a ying and yang of two synthesizer-driven groovy and pulling tracks. Both tracks have their very own specific identity that compliment and contrast each others. "Back Together", with it's deep hitting melancholic synths and driving drums and percussions, will pull you in a spiral of emotional trance. Not pulling you in less, " Time Of Mind" featuring these memorable high pitches notes and repetitive melodies accompanied by groovy drums will put you in a meditative state of mind feeling like dancing in the rain on an early Sunday morning after partying all night. 


Take a sip, close your eyes and enjoy this journey. 

Quelle: Landesmusikrat NRW e.V. "Reifeprüfung"
Quelle: Landesmusikrat NRW e.V. "Reifeprüfung"

Upcoming Gigs:

03.12.2021 - Kurztrip 38 - Fyal, Münster - DJ-Set